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The MacGaiter - Seal Brown

The MacGaiter - Seal Brown

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Your gaiters are the best I've ever owned, very comfortable, supportive and warm
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Already have one pair of macgaiters and love them!
MacGaiters are made using 3.5 mm specification neoprene, making them extremely robust. People who have sporting and muscular injuries will especially benefit from the unique supportive qualities and elasticity of our gaiters.

Neoprene has few practical limitations, it displays outstanding physical toughness and is extremely versatile with inbuilt resistance to UV, ozone, water and many chemicals. Neoprene will stand up extremely well to damage caused by flexing and twisting.

Macgaiters are extremely easy to put on or take off. The first time you use them make sure that the velcro fits your lower leg snuggly, use the inch of velcro to make sure the Macgaiters are a perfect fit. Then fold up the lower part below the ankle, slide up the Macgaiters up each leg, then put on your walking boots, once you've laced your boots then fold the Macgaiters down and fit the stainless steel loop onto the front/lowest lace. To take off just follow the instructions in reverse. Leave the Velcro in the position you first put it and you'll have a perfect fit everytime then on.

Strong ~ Lightweight ~ Comfortable ~ Water Resistant ~ Washable

For sizing, measure around the largest part of the calf with clothing to get the correct width - must be a snug fit!

Small Height 16.5" Calf Width 14.75" (approx 41x37cm)
Medium Height 16.75" Calf Width 15.5" (approx 42.5 x 39cm)
Large Height 18" Calf Width 17" (approx 45x43cm)
Xtra Large Height 18" Calf Width 18.5" (approx 45 x 46.5cm)
Xtra Xtra Large Height 18" Calf width 21" (approx 45 x 53.5cm)
Junior Small Height 12" calf width 10.75" (30cm x 27cm)
Junior Large Height 13.5" calf width 12" (34cm x 30cm)

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